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Thursday, 11 April 2019

We have seen how poorly constructed electric poles have endangered lives and properties both in past and recent times. Electric poles made out of wood and sticks are still rampant with communities across the nation.

The Nigerian Electricity Management Service Agency decries the use of woods and substandard poles as electric poles.

The following are the Requirements for the Production of Electric Concrete Poles:

  1. A sizeable parcel of land easily accessible
  2. Sufficient number of adequate gauge steel moulds in line with the classes of pole respectively
  • The design specification for reinforced or pre-stressed concrete poles with relevant drawings
  1. Well prepared concrete casting/moulding bay (concrete floor area)
  2. Minimum of two (2) number of industrial concrete mixer
  3. Minimum of two (2) number industrial vibrators
  • Supply the following for the company’s manufactured reinforced or pre-stressed electric concrete poles;
  1. Concrete mix ratio
  2. Type and steel rods
  3. Number of Steel rods for LT, HT and SP poles; 8.54, 10.32 and 12m respectively.
  4. Adequate water supply to the facilities preferably borehole
  5. Qualified supervising Engineer (Civil or Structural Engineer)
  6. Experience Welder/Iron bender in additional to other production personnel
  7. Adequate mechanical working tools
  8. A well testing rig with associated pull winch and a good dial gauge of at least 2500KN/kg range
  9. For circular/spun and pre-stressed types, the right equipment and facilities must be available on factory or production sites
  10. Curing ponds of appropriate size capable of handling 10& 15 No. poles at a time
  11. Means of lifting poles to and out of curing ponds
  12. All manufactured electric concrete poles shall have engraved on them: planting depth mark, date of manufacturing and initials of the manufacturing company
  • All manufactured poles concrete poles should have provision for concealing earthing wire and that will prevent pilferage by vandals
  1. All materials use for the manufacture of electric concrete poles must be in conformity with the Nigerian Industrial Standards.

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