What is the possibility of exceeding 10000MW by 2015?

Friday, 24 August 2018

Frankly speaking this goal is not achievable given the level of physical infrastructural readiness as at the date of this response (30th of September 2014). There are three aspects to infrastructural readiness and these are classified into three broad platforms; gas for power generation infrastructure, power generation infrastructure and power transmission infrastructure. We currently do not have enough gas availability to support 10,000MW given the fact that most power plants under construction are gas to power projects; this has been exacerbated by huge gas debts incurred by power plants thus dis-incentivizing further capacity developments for more. Also most of power plants under construction are at different stages of completion and in some instances with dates beyond 2015. Additionally even if we had enough gas and power plants to generate 10,000MW we currently do not have adequate transmission wheeling capability to transmit more than 6,000MW and that is if we are able to complete transmission projects slated for completion by December 2014.

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