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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Managing Director/CEO of AEDC - Engr. Ernest Mupwaya has told officers in charge of operations in the field that Company will no longer tolerate any form fatality both to the workers and members of the public. The Managing Director said he prefers that the work is not done than for what is done to be the source of accident or death to any one whether staff or members of the public. 
Engr. Mupwaya made the declaration when he proclaimed the creation of an Inspectorate Division in the Company and handed over to the Director of Risk & Compliance - Mr. Collins Chabuka whose directorate will oversee the activities of the Division three brand new vehicles to assist the inspectors in the discharge of their duties. Ernest Mupwaya added that any staff who does any act adjudged to be capable of causing any electrical accident or electrocution will be treated the same way as the staff found guilty of the actual act. He said the sanction that will be imposed on such employees may include the loss of employment. 
In a company statement made available to newsmen by the GM Corporate Communications, Oyebode Babs Fadipe, the MD/CEO said the Company has carefully structured its operation to ensure that in pursuit of service delivery and profitability, it does not do any act that can damage the business environment some of which he listed to include damage within the workers, damage to the community at large and such other damage that can create negative environmental impact. "It is not by accident that the issue of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is a Board level matter" adding that such recognition demonstrates in very clear terms the importance attached to HSE by AEDC. 
Tracing the transformation journey of AEDC, Engr. Mupwaya noted that the Company has gone through various levels of changes in trying to improve its HSE profile including staff training across board on how to operate the system, which have resulted in some successes but regretted that there are still certain areas where the Company has not done so well "hence we are still seeing some accidents happening in our network which is purely avoidable". 
Every transformation programme, according to him, are such that the initial path starts with the identification of what needs to change, work out the processes of change, train the staff and ensure that everyone has acquired the required knowledge for change. "Once everyone has acquired the knowledge, the next stage of the transformation", he said, "is the enforcement stage".
Engr. Mupwaya in declaring that AEDC has reached the enforcement stage listed the mandate of the inspectorate division, which is made up of nine members of staff drawn from the technical and safety departments to include the following.
1. Work to promote the adoption and enforcement of work practices and rules for effectively managing the HSC hazards and risk.
2. Stop any work activity as a result of breach or likelihood of breach of 
a. Best practice safety standards
b. Failure to conduct toolbox talk. 
c. Failure to follow the laid down outage management protocols and practices.
3. Stop any unauthorized work in AEDC network
4. Sanction any staff that is in willful breach of any safety standards regardless of the level/position of the staff. 
5. Sanction Line Management for failure to closeout recommended remedial measures for HSE Inspection & Audit reports.
6. Enforce the operational standing instructions and remedial measures/actions contained in the following instruments
a. Executive Orders on HSE
b. Communique/Orders from Regulatory institutions.
c. Recommended remedial measures from incident investigations.
The MD promised that the activities of the Inspectorate Division, which covers the entire franchise area of the company will be adequately funded from the Head Office.

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