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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

As Nigeria’s dismal electricity supply continues in 2019, the Country Manager, of Eaton, a global power management company, Temitayo Awojole has said that the introduction of microgrids will go a long way in bridging the supply gap. Speaking to a select media group in Lagos, Awojole stated that microgrids adoption offers an opportunity to bring sufficient, cost-effective and reliable electricity to many Nigerians. “A move to a more distributed energy model will go a long way in meeting energy demands in Nigeria more effectively.

“According to the World Bank, about 80 million Nigerians lack access to electricity. New breast cancer drug found to boost survival rates by 30% The Nigerian electricity/power system lacks reliability with businesses suffering an average monthly power outage of 239 hours according to analysts. “Microgrid adoption in a market like Nigeria will solve these challenges.

It is an opportunity to bring sufficient, cost-effective and reliable electricity to a large number of people,” he said. Explaining the concept of microgrids, he said, “Microgrids are stand-alone power generation, distribution and storage systems that work with or independently from the main utility grid in helping businesses, campuses and communities to maintain reliable power supply, reduce operating costs, optimise energy usage and reduce carbon emissions.

“In Nigeria, electricity supply is largely reliant on isolated diesel generators. This has been shown to be highly inefficient as these generators are either oversized, poorly maintained or repeatedly coming under faulty conditions. This is in addition to cost of buying diesel to run it and other associated maintenance cost.” He also explained that microgrids can solve energy challenges as generation units which are closer to the load and to the customer can be built. This, according to him, will avoid investment in long transmission and distribution networks which are prone to energy losses and solve the issue of access to electricity. “Microgrids will provide multiple sources of energy that have single point of coupling with the load centre for control and optimization of power assets,” he added.

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