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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Often times, we do not have a clue that the type of bulbs in our homes and offices determines how much tariff we pay at the end of each month right? Well, here’s the catch – IT DOES! While we like our homes illuminated with beautiful designs of lighting, it is pertinent to note that lighting (bulbs) eats up as much as 20% of the annual electric bill. But using energy-efficient bulbs and making other simple changes can drastically reduce the tariff we pay at the end of the month – to save energy and money over time, you should consider making good lighting choices.

One of the fastest ways to cut down on your energy bills is switching to energy efficient lighting. Replacing your regular incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) or Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs saves you so much money each year. The benefit of these bulbs is that they require significantly less energy to operate than regular incandescent bulbs which results in significant savings on your electricity bills.

Energy Saving Lighting Tips? Here are a few:

  • First and most important – do away with all incandescent bulbs, replace them with energy efficient bulbs such as LEDs and CFLs, you’d be glad you did.
  • Turn off all lights in unoccupied rooms and do same for occupied rooms when lights are not in use or really required.
  • Embrace natural light. Open curtains and blinds during daylight hours – it is not just cost-efficient but healthy as well.
  • Use the lowest wattage bulb required to meet the room’s lighting needs – do not use high wattage (big bulbs) for small spaces or rooms, it’d be a waste.
  • Turn the outdoor light out (switch off) when not in use especially during the day.
  • Consider using timers and sensors for indoor and outdoor lights – this way, the bulbs go off when they are not in use even in your absence.
  • Regularly dust your energy light bulbs and fittings – this helps the bulbs function optimally. 



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