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The I-WIN Willingness to Pay and Self-Generation Survey

Monday, 06 August 2018

I-WIN is in the process of conducting a survey that enables insight into some emergent issues in the Nigerian power sector. Repeatedly operators and commentators have alluded to the use of willingness to pay as the basis for the development/determination of viable alternatives to grid power.

This survey strives to incorporate opportunity cost, a critical input that is often ignored in the willingness to pay discuss, into the understanding/evaluation of true willingness to pay.  This survey provides critical inputs for a more holistic understanding of the concept of willingness to pay.

     It is a well-known fact that self-generation supplements the gap in grid power, but the extent of this self-generation has not been empirically determined before now. This survey seeks to generate data that will inform an empirical estimation of the extent of self-generation in Nigeria.

     The use of inverters has become popular as a pseudo form of self-generation in Nigeria. Incidentally, the proliferation of the use of inverters may become a source of concern for power distribution operators given the fact these inverters could easily represent phantom load during periods of power restoration as they will also require power from the grid to recharge. This survey also seeks data that will enable the empirical determination of the actual impact, if any, of the use of power inverters on the power distribution network.

     Your participation in this survey will enable the development of some of the necessary market intelligence that will enable Nigerian power system operators to take informed decisions in the provision of improved services.

About IWIN

The Independent Energy Watch Initiative (I-WIN), an enterprise of Energy ConServ and the Roundtable for the Growth and Development of Power (RODEP), is an online/web based power sector portal that strives to engage stakeholders and the Nigerian public on topical issues in the power sector.

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